About Us

About Us

BETAPADEL is a shop that offers top Padel products. Our unique products are inspired by the feedback we receive from our customers every day. Our store has a strong range, so that we have a suitable offer for everyone!

400k+ Satisfied Customers

Beta Padel Store Has Been A Breath Of Fresh, After Running Around I’m So Happy To Have Found This Website.

Janet Renolds

I can’t believe I found Beta Padel Store. What I’ve been looking for all this time. Beta Padel is an amazing website.


I’ve been struggling to find good products. My friend told me about Beta Padel and I’m so happy I found this website.

Nadia Mirza

Why you choose BETAPADEL?

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is our top priority. We are therefore proud to say that we have hundreds of satisfied customers who come back to us very often. Our online store is designed to be accessible to everyone.

Friendly customer service

BETAPADEL tries to provide a suitable and professional answer to all your questions within 24 hours. Our customer service representatives are available 7 days a week to answer all your questions.

Free Shipping

No shipping costs for orders over € 100.

Safe online shopping

At BETAPADEL you always shop safely. We therefore ensure that all payments are made in a 100% SSL encrypted connection in the vicinity of your own bank.

Low prices

Thanks to its many years of experience, BETAPADEL has built up a powerful purchasing network all over the world. This allows BETAPADEL to guarantee the good quality of our products and still offer them at a very competitive price.

High quality standards

Every BETAPADEL product undergoes an extensive testing and quality control procedure. BETAPADEL only supplies products that we have tested ourselves and that we support 100 percent.

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